Cafe customers 'in awe' at mum's method of discipline

Customers and staff at a cafe in Bristol in the UK have praised a mother for the way she dealt with her misbehaving children.

A staff member at the Pret branch in Bristol took to social media to share her thoughts on the woman's parenting style, praising her for the way she handled the situation.

"You were calm when the kids weren't. You were fair when the kids were pushing boundaries. You are my hero," Jo Constable wrote in an open letter on Facebook.

Ms Constable explained that after the woman left the store, a conversation began between about six people, both staff and customers.

Jo Constable took to Facebook to try and find the woman. Source: Facebook / Jo Constable

"Once you left there was a conversation between six people, customers included, regarding your parenting abilities. Maybe this mortifies you, but let me tell you the conversation was all about how in awe we were of you," she said.

The mystery woman's children were acting up, Ms Constable explained, and rather than succumbing to the pressure, the woman stood her ground, took her children and left the shop.

"They were loud and inevitably it caught the attention of myself and other people,” Ms Constable said.

"After fair warning to your children, with no let-up from them, you announced to them that it was time to leave.

"I believe the line you used was, "I will not spend money on children who are misbehaving'."

Ms Constable said she wants the mum to know that no one was judging her even thought she might "have been mortified".

She has called for the mum to come back into the store for some "well deserved" complimentary treats.

"When you get a chance we hope you will return to Pret at Cribbs. When you get here, we will serve you the (well-deserved) coffee that you didn't get a chance to enjoy and a cake to go with it, and the cost is on us," she said.