Seal Pup 'Tries to Defend Entangled Mom' During Rescue Operation

As conservationists with Ocean Conservation Namibia attempted to capture a seal so they could remove a piece of fishing line lodged in its neck, her young pup took exception, and even tried biting their net.

The conservationists, Naude Dreyer and Antoine Amory, said they continued to keep a careful eye on the pup as they completed the job of releasing its mother.

Ocean Conservation Namibia is a non-governmental organization which aims to “put an end to the entanglement of marine wildlife along the Namibian coast.”

Dreyer, the leading conservationist at the organization, told Storyful, “The four-month-old pup tried to grab our specially built rescue net, and hung close by until we let his mother go.” Credit: Naude Dreyer via Storyful