Scuffle Pauses Session of Armenia's National Assembly

A scuffle between members of the Armenian parliament broke out during a session in Yerevan on Wednesday, May 24.

Footage from the National Assembly shows opposition politician Artur Sargsyan addressing the chamber. According to Armenian media, Sargsyan was reprimanded by the president of the National Assembly, Alen Simonyan, for using “harsh expressions” during his address.

Upon descending from the podium, Sargsyan confronted Armen Danielyan, a judge who had previously ordered Sargsyan’s arrest for misuse of a position of power.

Sargsyan told Danielyan: “You are the judge who decided to detain me without looking me in the eye,” according to a translation of local media.

A scuffle ensued on the assembly hall floor, with several individuals in uniform eventually intervening and separating the parties.

The parliamentary session was momentarily paused.

Artur Sargsyan is a member of the Reborn Armenia, sitting in parliament as part of the Armenia Alliance coalition. Credit: Parliament of Armenia via Storyful