Screaming toddler pulled from crash wreckage

Screaming toddler rescued from overturned ute

A family of three has been rescued from a terrifying collision in Sydney’s west.

Nearby witness Sebastan Tajer and his girlfriend Rosanna Roccon saw the collision and raced to help.

Tajer told 7 News how he jumped his own fence and ran to help the family free from the wreckage.

“There was three people in the car, a baby in the backseat,” he said.

“Pretty scary stuff. The baby was crying a little bit, really upset.”

“I just checked if everyone was alright, told them to get out of the car quickly, in case the car caught on fire.”

Mr Tajer said all of the car’s windows were smashed, “so got I got them out through [there].”

Thanks to Mr Tajer and some family friends, Mohammad Khalaf, his wife Roba and their toddler son escaped almost entirely unscathed.

The family’s ute overturned after a collision with another car which had failed to give way.

The ute was hit so hard it rolled onto its roof.

A friend of the victims, Afif Naama, said he had to “crawl inside” the car to pull the toddler out.

Roccon said she had never seen an accident like it before.

“When a car flips in front of your eyes, at first I thought somebody might've died or something.”

The family is recovering in hospital after the ordeal.