Scott Morrison responds to 'psycho' text message report : 'No one cares'

Scott Morrison has responded to leaked text messages in which former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian described the prime minister as "a horrible, horrible person".

According to the texts obtained by Channel 10, while messaging with another Liberal cabinet minister, Ms Berejiklian also accused the prime minister of "actively spreading lies" about her and being "obsessed with petty political point-scoring" during Australia's horror bushfires two years ago.

Mr Morrison was visibly caught off guard on Tuesday when the text messages were read aloud to him following a speech at the National Press Club.

On Wednesday, Mr Morrison said he hadn't had the opportunity to speak with Ms Berejiklian since the conversations came to light.

Scott Morrison says 'no one cares' if the PM's feelings are hurt after the text messages were made public. Source: Channel 7
Scott Morrison says 'no one cares' if the PM's feelings are hurt after the text messages were made public. Source: Channel 7

"In our own dealings with each other, it's always been very positive," he told Sunrise on Wednesday.

"I think we've worked very well together as a premier and a prime minister to do very great things for NSW in particular, whether it's building Western Sydney Airport or getting the unemployment rate down.

"Particularly through the pandemic we worked very closely.

"I can't speak to the other things," he said.

He was then asked by Sunrise host Natalie Barr if it "hurt" to hear what his colleagues reportedly said about him.

"No one cares if the prime minister's feelings are hurt. I understand that, it doesn't matter ... Of course people say nasty things about you as prime minister all the time," he laughed. "They say nasty things about people in the media ... It goes with the job."

On Tuesday afternoon, Ms Berejiklian released a short statement saying she had "no recollection of such messages" and saying she believed Mr Morrison was the best person to lead the country.

"Let me reiterate my strong support for Prime Minister Morrison and all he is doing for our nation in these challenging times," she said.

In August last year, reporting in The Sydney Morning Herald claimed Ms Berejiklian saw the prime minister as "evil" and a "bully" who "makes himself look big by trying to make others look small".

According to Channel 10, the leaked text messages were between Ms Berejiklian and a Liberal cabinet minister who called Mr Morrison "a complete psycho". However it is unclear if the individual is a state or federal Liberal cabinet minister.

Questions remain about who leaked the messages, and for what purpose, and whether it suggests some instability within Liberal ranks with a federal election expected to be called for May this year.

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