PM reveals 'ticket out' of coronavirus lockdown

Scott Morrison says the new government coronavirus tracking app is the “ticket” out of current restrictions, with the prime minister calling for more Australians to download it.

“It is important that we get increased numbers of downloads when it comes to the COVIDSafe app,” he said.

“This is the ticket to ensuring that we can have eased restrictions and Australians can go back to the lifestyle and the many things that they previously were able to do and this is important.

Live blog: Coronavirus news and updates from Australia

Scott Morrison has said the new COVIDsafe app is Australia's ticket out of coronavirus restrictions. Source: ABC
Scott Morrison has said the new COVIDsafe app is Australia's ticket out of coronavirus restrictions. Source: ABC

“We would encourage all Australians, if you want to see us return to the more eased restrictions that I know you're looking forward to and that I'm looking forward to, then it is important that you download the COVIDSafe app.”

He revealed 2.8 million Australians have so far downloaded the new COVIDsafe app.

Mr Morrison said if people wanted to leave their home safely, they needed to be using the app.

"I would liken it to the fact that if you want to go outside when the sun is shining, you have to put sun screen on. This is the same thing,” he said.

What does coronavirus success look like?

The prime minister addressed the media on Wednesday morning and stressed solely having a low number of cases didn’t necessarily mean Australia’s response to coronavirus has been a success.

“We don't want to just win the battle against COVID-19 but lose a broader conflict when it comes to our economy and the functioning of our society,” he told reporters.

He stressed Australia will see a rise in cases as the recent state and territory restriction changes are implemented.

“When we move back into this more COVID-19 safe economy and society, it is important to know that with the easing of those restrictions, of course there will continue to be additional cases,” he said.

“Of course there will be outbreaks. That is what living with the virus will be like.”

Mr Morrison said he understood Victoria Premier Daniel Andrew’s reluctance to ease restrictions as the state, alongside NSW and Victoria, had a “very different” situation to other states with more daily cases with more community transmission.

He said those states would be able to learn from the changes Western Australia and the Northern Territory have made this week.

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