WATCH: Scorned wife charged with stealing mistress' slippers, wig

Dramatic footage has emerged of an angry wife exacting revenge on her husband's lover.

The confrontation was shown in court on Tuesday as a Magistrate decided the wife's punishment.

In the footage Marie Kamara, wearing a yellow dress, can be seen approaching her cheating husband's lover, Jemima Margai, who has admitted to the affair.

Marie Kamara confronts her husband's lover. Photo: 7 News

"She said I was sleeping with her husband. Yes I was. I don't know what to say, I can't lie," Ms Margai said.

Jemima Margai has admitted to an affair. Photo: 7 News

In the video footage, Ms Margai is wearing a wig, which Mrs Kamara proceeds to rip off and throw into the distance before physically attacking the other woman.

The angry wife rips off the wig and throws it into the distance. Photo: 7 News

After denying the attack for almost two years, it was only when this vision was played in court that Mrs Kamara finally admitted to the assault and theft.

Ms Margai suffered a swollen eye, bruising to her face and a cut lip in the assault.

Ms Kamara was left with bruising, a cut lip and swollen eye. Photo: 7 News

Police charged Mrs Kamara, 33, with the assault and theft of Ms Margai's iPhone, slippers and wig.

When asked by the Magistrate why she had resorted to violence, Mrs Kamara, who represented herself, was silent.

The Magistrate told her she had to deal with her anger issues before sentencing her to a 12 month good behaviour bond.