Scooter ace to ride for Australia

He has competed in world championships and gathered thousands of followers on social media.

But Perth scooter king Ben Thomas still feels most at home mucking around with his mates.

The High Wycombe 18-year-old has gone from strength to strength since he first picked up a scooter in primary school and will represent Australia at next month's Scoot Fest competition in Britain.

"I went to school down the road in Maida Vale, so when I found out there was a skate park I started riding up before school and after school," he said.

"Then I started doing some tricks and it all took off from there."

Pictures: Scoot Fest

With riskier tricks and newer YouTube videos a must when it comes to attracting fans and sponsors, Thomas spends more than 20 hours a week training.

Scoot Fest attracts riders from across the globe and will feature the International Scooter Association World Championships.