Sci-fi 'fanboy' allegedly used 3D printer to build guns resembling those in TV shows, games

A Sydney man manufactured guns using a 3D printer and instructions off the internet in a hobby inspired by his love of science fiction, a court has heard.

Sicen Sun appeared in court on Wednesday, a day after police found four 3D-manufactured imitation guns, two air pistols and at least one 3D printer in his eastern suburbs home.

Firearms Squad detectives had searched the unit at Bronte Road, Waverley on Tuesday after the 27-year-old allegedly advertised a gun for sale on the internet for $1 million.

Sun was arrested after allegedly trying to sell a firearm manufactured using a 3D printer for $1 million. Picture: 7 News

Sun was "something of a fanboy" who made the guns to resemble those in TV shows and games, like NCIS and Call of Duty, his solicitor told Waverley Local Court on Wednesday.

The magistrate acknowledged that Sun, a dual citizen of China and Australia, had strong community ties, a good job and no criminal record.

She granted him bail on condition he surrender his passports, check in with police weekly, and pay a $3,000 surety.

Police located and seized four imitation pistols, including a 3D-manufactured small Glock, a 3D-manufactured Glock, a 3D-manufactured Sig 250; two air pistols, computer equipment, and two 3D printers. Pictures: NSW Police

Sun is facing four firearms-related charges including one which carries a jail sentence of up to 14 years.

He's due to face court again on April 27.