Twice as many female Schoolies treated for drugs, alcohol than male revellers

Twice as many female school leavers have been treated for intoxication and drug use than males at Schoolies on the Gold Coast.

Overnight on Sunday, paramedics treated 95 people with two transported to hospital, and on Monday night 89 people were attended to with six taken to hospital.

“Interestingly we have noticed that on both evenings so far the number of female patients we have had has doubled the number of male patients,” Queensland Ambulance Service special events co-ordinator Justin Payne told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“It’s a little bit concerning.”

Twice as many female school leavers have been treated for intoxication and drug use at Queensland's Schoolies. Photo: Queensland Ambulance Service

Mr Payne said paramedics are "seeing a lot of intoxication" and a wide range of drugs, but MDMA appears to be the most prevalent among the school leavers.

Queensland Police arrested 41 people, including 22 'toolies' and 19 Schoolies during the first weekend of end-of-school celebrations, with the majority of offences related to drug possession.

The event's organisers say they are also well aware Facebook is being used as a "black-market" for Schoolies selling official wristbands in an attempt to make some quick cash.

Schoolies advisory group chair Mark Reaburn told reporters on Monday "we are not fooled in terms of working out what kids try to do - some kids try and crash the party".

Mr Payne said paramedics are

He says second-hand wristbands, which are superglued and stapled on, will be randomly checked when entering the event precinct, particularly on those who look older.

"There are some big, big boys and they've allegedly left school a couple of days beforehand and they've got a full beard. It doesn't quite cut the mustard in terms of 'I'm a schoolie'," Mr Reaburn said.

Gold Coast Inspector Bruce Kuhn added police will not hesitate to act against anyone found with drugs, with drug-detection dogs already deployed on the streets and around the event.