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School teacher behind bars as missing girl returns home

School teacher behind bars as missing girl returns home

School-teacher Jeremy Forrest is being held in one of France’s toughest jails after eight days on the run with 15-year-old pupil Megan Stammers who has since been re-united with family.

Mr Forrest, 30, who sparked a massive police operation after running off to France this month was caught by police in Bordeaux after a bar manageress recognised him, The Daily Mail reports.

Following his arrest, Forrest was sent to high-security Gradignan prison while Stammers flew back to England to be re-united with her family.

Forrest was allegedly using a fake CV to search for work, claiming to be Northampton University journalism graduate who had written for a variety of high profile music magazines.

His cover was blown after he applied to work at an English pub in Bordeaux - the HMS Victory, staffed by English and Irish workers and popular with expats where he was recognized by a staff member.

Sussex Police officers, already aware the couple was thought to be residing in Bordeaux, flew there last week to apprehend Forrest. Officers waited from early on Friday and detained Mr Forrest at lunchtime.

Mr Forrest’s French lawyer, Daniel Lalane, said: "He was arrested when looking for work to extend his stay in France a little longer in a country that is perhaps a little more understanding."

The lawyer added that Forrest was "Very disappointed by the brutal ending of his love story."

After the arrest Megan was taken into protective custody, and returned to London Gatwick Airport on a flight for an emotional reunion with her family.