Schapelle Corby closer to freedom

Schapelle Corby closer to freedom

There have been extraordinary developments in the Schapelle Corby case as hopes grow she will shortly be released from her Bali jail.

An announcement was about to be made but it was then then suddenly cancelled.

Corby's future depends on a letter apparently on the desk of the Indonesian Justice Minister.

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7News has been told that letter recommends her release and, once it is signed, she will be able to walk out of prison.

7News were told an announcement would be made by the minister today, but we were then advised the minister had developed chest pains, which means Corby will have to continue waiting.

Earlier, Mercedes Corby met with sister Schapelle for close to an hour.

Despite the latest developments she says they are not celebrating just yet.

“There's still a process,” said Mercedes Corby. When asked if she feels like she is getting closer, she replied: “Yes, we’re getting closer.”

While Jakarta officials met last week to consider Corby's case, they will not confirm parole has been approved.

Having spent the last nine years in jail for drug trafficking, Corby will not be allowed home immediately.

She will have to serve out her parole period in Bal living with her sister in Kuta.

Meanwhile, rumours of multi-million dollar media deals still appear to be just that.

Mercedes Corby denies her sister has already sold her story.