'This is so scary': Warning over fake police post shared on Facebook

A Facebook post warning about a young female driver being pulled over by criminals posing as police officers in Queensland has been confirmed as a hoax.

The social media post has been circulating widely on Facebook, warning female motorists against pulling over for unmarked police cars.

The viral post tells the story of a young woman named Chloe who felt unsafe being signalled to pull over by an unmarked police car driving between the Brisbane suburbs of Southport and Toombul.

A Facebook post giving out fake and potentially dangerous police advice has been confirmed as a hoax. Source: Facebook

“So Chloe remembered her parents’ advice, and telephoned 112 from her mobile phone. YES 112,” the post reads.

The post then incorrectly claimed phoning 112 connected the caller straight to the police even if they have no phone signal.

According to the post, the officer on the phone reportedly told Chloe the vehicle behind her was not a police car.

However, Queensland Police have confirmed to Yahoo News Australia the social media posts doing the rounds was a “hoax”.

A Queensland Police spokesman said he was aware various versions of the fictional scenario have been circulated around the world for the past decade, with the names and locations changed.

“Any motorist who believes an unmarked vehicle attempting to intercept them is not a police vehicle
is urged to contact local police or if they fear for their safety, they should call triple-zero,” they said.

Various versions of the fictional scenario of a young woman pulled over by ‘fake police’ have been circulated around the world for the past decade. Source: Getty, file

The police also confirmed the tip about calling 112 was not true, saying calling the number did not provide any benefit over Triple-0.

According to the Australian Government, 112 is a secondary international emergency number which is diverted to Triple-0 if called from Australia. 

The hoax appeared to have tricked many Australians, with thousands sharing and commenting on the post.

“This is so scary,” one person said.

“Share this with your friends,” a woman wrote.

A man added: “Very important for our wives, Daughter’s. Sisters. Friends etc.”

  • Should a motorist find themselves in this situation, Queensland Police advised people can:
  • Stop at a place they feel safe, such as a well-lit area or an area with other people;
  • Keep their doors locked and windows closed
  • Request to see the person’s police identification; and
  • Advise the person they are calling police to verify their identity.

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