Saving 'Ollie' the dolphin

Saving 'Ollie' the dolphin

Sea World is fighting to save a dolphin, named Ollie, after its tail was taken by a shark.

State Government authorities initially told rescuers to let nature take it's course, but has now given the go ahead for the mammal to be caught if it's in distress.

Local fisherman named the dolphin Ollie when they noticed his ability to go fast by spiraling through the water.

Ollie - as in Oliver Twist.

Fisherman noticed Ollie two months ago when he would approach their boat, begging for food.

This is how he has stayed alive. With no tail, Ollie has no time.

Sea World wanted to launch a rescue mission but were initially denied.

After Seven News contacted the National Parks department, Sea World have been given the all clear to save the dolphin.

Sea World want to build Ollie a brand new prosthetic tail.