Saudis take to mountains to become guides

STORY: If you ever go hiking in Saudi Arabia, these may be your guides

They’re hoping to become certified guides, as hiking surges in popularity here

The training is led by the Saudi Climbing and Hiking Federation

(Mustafa Al Khamis, Hiking enthusiast)

“I came today with my colleagues, we are seven ,to learn about hiking, planning trips inside these deserts and valleys. We learned a lot today from captain Waleed, how to plan hiking trips, how to use the compass, draw the track before we come and we check the distance and know where we are without using any mobiles.”

Mariam al-Moalem is one of the few women hoping to pursue hiking professionally

(Mariam al-Moalem, Hiking enthusiast)

“As a Saudi woman I feel more confident and fully supported by my government and my people around me. It’s my passion to be a hiker and to have a license to guide people for the hiking.”