Sandra Hüller shares fan reaction to Oscar nomination: 'People congratulate me when I walk my dog!'

Sandra Huller is congratulated by strangers over her Oscars nod credit:Bang Showbiz
Sandra Huller is congratulated by strangers over her Oscars nod credit:Bang Showbiz

Sandra Hüller is congratulated by strangers in the street over her Academy Award nomination.

The 45-year-old actress is up against Emma Stone, Lily Gladstone, Annette Bening, and Carey Mulligan after wowing with her role as a writer trying to prove her innocence in her husband's death in 'Anatomy of a Fall' for the title of Best Actress at the prestigious awards ceremony and finds it funny that fans are now coming up to her when she is just walking her dog in the morning to congratulate her over her achievement.

She told Variety: "I find myself giggling in the morning because it is so nice. When I walk my dog, people are shouting congratulations at me. People I’ve never seen before!"

The actress also starred in 'The Zone of Interest' - which is up against 'American Fiction', 'Anatomy of a Fall', 'Barbie', 'The Holdovers', 'Killers of the Flower Moon', 'Maestro' 'Oppenheimer', 'Past Lives' and 'Poor Things' for the title of Best Picture - and shared her hopes that the way the way the war film was produced will serve as a catalyst for other movies to follow suit in the future.

She said: "You never spent time with technical interruptions. We were alone in the house with a directing assistant who sometimes told us when they cut and sometimes didn’t.

"There were 60 microphones in the house so sometimes we had to communicate secretly when we had a problem because we knew they would use everything we do. The fact you are alone with this creature around you — because it very much felt like a creature or a presence — was very special and I am very curious to see if more people will work that way in the future because you can cut out all the things you don’t like about filmmaking."