Samsung's 2023 Smart Monitors arrive in June, starting at $280

The new 27-inch M8 will be available for $650.


Samsung has detailed pricing and availability for its revamped Smart Monitors. The 2023 Smart Monitor M5, M7 and M8 will be available in June, including new 27-inch models. The headlining M8 starts at $650 for the 27-inch version, and $700 for its 32-inch counterpart. It boasts a new, slim design (about 0.45in thick) and can now rotate to portrait mode for reading long documents. The 4K screen is the most capable of the trio with a 400-nit typical brightness, HDR10+ support, an included webcam and a built-in SmartThings hub. You'll also get far-field Alexa and Bixby voice control as well as HDMI 2.0 input, a USB-C port with 65W laptop charging and two USB-A ports.

The Smart Monitor M7 is aimed at users who want the M8's design without as many extras. It drops the included webcam (though you can still add it later) and SmartThings hub, and you'll have to be content with 300-nit brightness and regular HDR10. You get a 4K resolution and other luxuries from the M8, however. The prices are also more palatable, beginning at $550 for the 27-inch model and $600 for the 32-inch equivalent.

A Smart Monitor M5 is also available for those who just want the basics. It's a 1080p display with a 250-nit brightness, no far-field mics and a simpler design without pivot or tilt. Input is likewise limited to two HDMI 1.4 jacks and a pair of USB-A ports. It's definitely more affordable, though, starting at $280 for a 27-inch panel and climbing to $300 for the 32-inch edition.

All of the Smart Monitors have new software tricks. They can detect nearby compatible smartphones (such as the Galaxy S23 series) through Bluetooth and wake up to show calendars, photos and other helpful content. You can now use a mouse and keyboard in many of the smart TV apps, and Multi View lets you juggle the built-in browser and Microsoft 365 apps in full screen. Screen mirroring is available for Apple devices (via AirPlay) in addition to Android.

These aren't intended as high-end gaming monitors given their 60Hz refresh rates, and you'll want to turn to the 5K-capable Viewfinity S9 if you want a more pro-oriented screen. As before, they're primarily appealing if your monitor doubles as your TV, or if the looks of the M7 and M8 stand out in a sea of generic designs.