Samsung updates its Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with enhanced ambient sound controls

The company is rolling out the upgrade over the coming weeks.


Samsung will start rolling out an update for the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro that will give users more control over how much ambient sound they want to hear. After the software updates goes out, users will find two additional levels on top of the original three for their ambient sound volume settings under the Laboratory menu of the Galaxy Wearable app. And they can customize how much ambient sound to let in for each ear, since it's possible to adjust the volume for each earbud independently.

The settings page already offers users the capability to customize their ambient tone range, with five stages from soft to clear. But the update will introduce a new section called "adapt ambient sound," which adds even more clarity to the environmental sounds getting into the earbuds. Samsung says it unveiled an enhancement to ambient sounds on Global Accessibility Awareness Day for people who could benefit from sounds amplification. The update, however, could also be useful for those with no hearing issues and simply just want to hear the world around them better so they could feel safe while they're running or walking outside.

Samsung is releasing its enhanced ambient sound feature and will be rolling out a software update for it over the coming weeks.