Samsung keynote at CES 2023 in 6 minutes

Samsung keynote at CES 2023 in 6 minutes.

Video transcript

- Welcome to the CES 2023.

- I'm excited to say that Samsung's Connected Home Experience that puts energy savings first is the first mass market smart home energy management system to earn the Energy Star certification.

- And the result of this work, a breakthrough. Your wash cycle caught less microfiber that can reduce microplastic pollution during the laundry cycle by 54%. The Less Microfiber cycle is already available for bespoke washers in Europe. And we will expand availability to Korea next month, and to the US soon. Starting in the first half of this year, selected washers in Europe will feature an additional filter, the Less Microfiber filter. And this filter will be adaptable to all washing machines, not just Samsungs.

- Samsung is pivoting to focus more on the connected experience. Samsung's Workspace feature is one I use every day. Using my smart monitor at home, I can connect to my Galaxy Book that I left at the office.

- One thing that makes it easier is SmartThings Pet Care. Using a mic on my Samsung Neo QLED 8K, the service can alert me to barking and put on a show, video, or music to keep him entertained. The camera on my Jet Bot AI+ recognizes both dogs and cats.

So if I see anything concerning while I'm away, I can use SmartThings to turn on the air conditioner, set a comfortable temperature, or start the air purifier to reduce pet hairs and odors when I get home. The new Family Hub+ can show me a full suite of innovative functions on its larger 32-inch screen. With Multi View on Samsung Smart TVs, we can connect our favorite earbuds-- mine or the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro-- to watch what we both want.

- So today, we are introducing the latest SmartThings hub, SmartThings Station.


It is our smallest and most convenient SmartThings hub yet. It's actually inside our wireless charger. While the station is simple, it's also equipped with a button that you can use to program your smart lights, air conditioner, or even smart blinds, and make a routine that works for you. You can also use SmartThings Station in what I call a Night Mode. Once you put down your phone for charging before bed, you can program the station to automatically turn off all your lights, TV, and reset the temperature for a custom night routine.

This is the unified smart home experience that's been missing, where at a touch of a button, your home instantly becomes intelligent and your life becomes easier. And the SmartThings Station is the first Samsung product to have matter support built in. Samsung is continuing to work closely with other partner brands to create a better connected ecosystem. Your compatible appliances, Google Nest Hub, Amazon Video Ring doorbell, and Philips Hue lights will start to work in unison to make your digital home a bit more seamless.

- So today, I'm excited to share how Philips Hue and Samsung have worked together in a special partnership to enrich your entertainment experience. Philips Hue lights are now able to sync with any content on the latest Samsung Smart TVs, bringing surround lighting to your favorite movie, TV show, or even live event. This new experience will work through the Philips Hue Sync TV app, which can be downloaded directly from the App Store on Samsung TVs starting tomorrow.

- Our new Knox Matrix is built on Samsung's defense grade security platform, and turns your smart home into a smart shield for your Samsung devices. When you've connected to the Knox Matrix, you immediately get the benefit of two critical features-- Credential Sync and Trust Chain. Credential Sync helps secure your information when moving data from device to device. And the Trust Chain enables connected devices to monitor each other for security threats. It's all managed through a private blockchain. So your trusted devices all work together to help protect each other.

- Samsung and HARMAN have been working to inject a new level of intelligence, personalization, and convenience to the in-cabin experience. We're calling it ICX. With ICX, we are pioneering a new experience that combines the latest automotive technologies-- like the car's camera, radar, and other sensors-- with HARMAN's in-cabin expertise. At the heart of our in-cabin experience is HARMAN Ready Care. Ready Care's machine learning algorithm gathers and processes data from those sensors to measure driver drowsiness and distraction, and provide tailored interventions to mitigate risk and increase well-being.

- There is one technology we want to share with you. It's called Relumino Mode. Born from our research and incubation efforts--


- Relumino Mode outlines objects in the image more clearly, with enhanced contrast ratio, brightness, color, and sharpness. When it all comes together, this is what Relumino Mode would look like to someone with low vision. With the images enhanced, I can truly see how it can help me in the filmmaking process.