The 'No' campaign's explicit gay marriage ad banned from prime time TV

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: With just 15 days left to vote in Australia’s same-sex marriage postal survey, the No campaign has ramped up their message up with an explicit new advertisement.

Set to air on Monday night, the 30-second ad has been handed an MA rating due to “depictions of implied sexual activity and verbal sexual references”.

The advertisement displays passages from the controversial Safe Schools sexuality education program and claims “gay marriage = gay sex education”.

The latest no campaign takes aim at the founder of Safe Schools Roz Ward.

The ad includes displaying the following message: “Penis-in-vagina sex is not the only sex and certainly not the ultimate sex,” quoting the OMG I’m Trans and OMG I’m Queer’ South Australian school resource.

Coalition for Marriage spokesman Lyle Shenton took to Twitter, expressing his disappointment over the classification.

“Free TV will protect your kids at home but sex & gender theory will be taught at school,” he wrote.

“Our latest ad banned before 8:30pm but radical concepts fine for daytime school.”

The latest ad tells parents they have to vote no.

The ad can only be aired after 8.30pm, or after 9.30pm if shown during a G, PG or sports program.

Dr Pansy Lai again features in the ad, despite becoming the subject of an online petition after her first No Campaign ad appearance.

The petition gained thousands of signatures supporting the “review of the registration of Dr Pansy Lai".

After the ad she said she was inundated with phone and social media threats.