WAG name-drops famous boyfriend in attempt to get off DUI

Samantha Bracksieck, the girlfriend of Yankees star Aaron Judge, was charged with extreme DUI. Pic: Scottsdale Police/Getty

The girlfriend of Yankees star Aaron Judge has been filmed trying to use the baseball player's name to get out of a police arrest.

Video has emerged of Samantha Bracksieck name-dropping the famous Yankees slugger after being pulled over by police in Arizona.

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Body camera footage which has been obtained by several US media outlets shows a teary Bracksieck pleading with police to let her go after being stopped while driving her car and breath-tested.

Bracksieck can be heard crying to an officer over what effect her arrest would have on her star boyfriend.

“Do you know who my boyfriend is? This is going to be bad for me. I’m just saying that right now,” Bracksieck tells the police after being pulled over in February for erratic driving and not having her headlights on.

She can then be heard inquiring as to whether her arrest would be made "public" before insisting that it would be a bad look for Judge.

“He’s a public figure,” she says to the officer about her Yankee boyfriend. “So, like, me being arrested for, like, having two glasses of wine is not OK.”

The cop then assures her that she's not a bad person and that her arrest won't have a bearing on her boyfriend's career.

“I know I’m not a bad person,” she says while choking back tears. “You don’t understand. You don’t know who my boyfriend is. This is going to be so bad.”

Bracksieck then asked the police officer if he understands New York media, prompting a confused response from the cop.

“Exactly. Then you don’t understand,” she snaps.

“My boyfriend is in the spotlight in New York media in general. And now here I am handcuffed in Arizona … Like, that is not good.”

Bracksieck eventually tells the police officer that her boyfriend plays for the New York Yankees, before saying that she is referring to Judge.

She was later charged with “extreme DUI” for an alleged blood alcohol reading between 0.15 and 0.19, after telling police she had shared four glasses of wine with a friend at Mastro’s Steakhouse.