Sally Obermeder reveals baby news on #SN7

Channel Seven presenter Sally Obermeder has revealed the emotional journey to have a second child with the help of an an American surrogate.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Night, The Daily Edition host says she was forced to travel to the US in search of a surrogate due to Australian laws.

But Sally, 42, experienced the greatest high and the most devastating low of her life – all in the space of a few weeks.

First, the sheer joy of welcoming her first child Annabelle Grace into the world but then the shocking discovery she had a deadly form of breast cancer.

Annabelle Grace, 4, announced the pregnancy this week on social media

Just 10 days after the birth of her daughter, Sally had surgery and began a gruelling routine of chemotherapy.

Throughout her battle to beat the cancer, Sally nurtured a seemingly impossible dream; she wanted to have more kids.

They had four embryos frozen in the hope that one day that dream could be realised.

"It still feels strange that I'm not carrying this child," She said.

Watch the full story this Sunday, July 31 at 7PM

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