Sad twist after girl, 9, is hit by car while fleeing stray dogs

A little girl who was crushed by a truck while fleeing from stray dogs has died in hospital 23 days after the incident.

Mahra Melin Pinar, nine, had to have her right leg amputated above the knee following the crash in the district of Serik, in the south-western Turkish province of Antalya, at around 10am on March 5.

Mahra ran into the road while being chased by two stray dogs and was run over by a passing truck.

Mahra Melin Pinar, 9, (pictured) holding two kittens before she was hit by a truck while fleeing dogs.
Mahra Melin Pinar, nine, was run over by a truck while fleeing stray dogs in Antalya, Turkey. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

Footage shows how she was left sitting on the tarmac and unable to get up, with her mangled and limp leg streaming blood beneath her.

Cops and paramedics were dispatched to the scene, and after receiving first aid, Mahra Melin was taken by ambulance to Antalya Training and Research Hospital.

Her right leg was amputated above the knee on March 7 in an operation that lasted almost four hours.

Speaking to media after the incident, Mahra Melin's distraught dad, Murat Pinar, said that when he rushed over to his injured daughter in the wake of the accident, she asked him: "I won't die, will I, daddy?"

He revealed that his daughter was outside at the time because "she was going to make a little house for [some stray] cats".

Mahra Melin Pinar, 9, running away from the dogs as the truck approaches her.
Mahra ran into the road while being chased by two stray dogs and was run over by a passing truck. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

According to local reports, Mahra died on the 23rd day of her treatment at Antalya Training and Research Hospital on Thursday.

The girl's family is devastated by her untimely passing.

Mahra Melin's body was buried in the neighbourhood of Belek, in the district of Serik, on Friday.

The truck driver has been named by local media as Irfan Yayla. It is not reported if he faces any consequences over the accident.


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