Woman on trial for allegedly biting waiter after fight over price of fish

Deanna Williams

A fight over the price of fish at a Chinese restaurant in Adelaide is heating up, with a diner going on trial for allegedly biting a waiter.

A fellow diner recorded the altercation at the Nice Fish Cafe on Gouger Street last June in a mobile video.

The court heard Chungping Quan had ordered half a barramundi, but was told they only served the fish whole.

A fellow diner recorded an argument between Chungping Quan and a waiter. Source: 7 News

After eating most of it, she argued over the bill and called police, throwing $26 - half the money owed - at staff.

She then allegedly did a runner with the waiter hot on her heels.

That's when she is accused of sinking her teeth into him, with a witness saying the waiter was in a headlock.

It's alleged Quan paid half the money owned and then did a runner down Gouger Street. Source: 7 News
The waiter says Quan then sunk her teeth into him. Source: 7 News

"He was saying, 'hard to breathe' ... I asked her to loosen her grip," witness Justin Tran said.

In police bodycam video played in court, Quan says "I bit him", and an officer replies: "Do you know how serious that is, over a fish?"

Chungping Quan leaves court on Wednesday. Source: 7 News

Whether Quan has bitten off more than she can chew will be determined in the coming weeks when the waiter in question returns from overseas holidays to tell his side of the story.

Asked outside court on Wednesday why she went ahead and ate most of the barramundi, Quan answered, "I have to talk to my lawyer."