Rylan was shocked to find there's no 'sly motorways' in Venice

Rylan and Rob Rinder's new travel show Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour is airing on BBC

Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour,12-05-2024,1 - Venice,Rylan ,on a speedboat on the Grand Canal, Venice,Zinc Media,Lana Salah
Rylan Clark was blown away by Venice's lack of roads. (Zinc Media/Lana Salah)

Rylan Clark was convinced he'd need a car to reach Venice before visiting the city with Rob Rinder.

In the duo's brand-new travel series airing on BBC Two, Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour, the opening instalment whisked them off to one of the most iconic destinations in Europe.

Filmed by the crew approaching the city centre in his swanky speedboat, the former X Factor contestant admitted he was surprised to discover no tarmac roads spread out before him after stepping off the plane.

Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour,12-05-2024,1 - Venice,Rylan, Rob Rinder,in front of Grand Canal.,Zinc Media,Lana Salah
Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour took us to Venice in the premiere episode. (Zinc Media/Lana Salah)

Explaining their differing modes of aqua transport from his authentic rowboat, Rob, who many TV lovers will know as Judge Rinder thanks to his courtroom reality show, shared: "I'm doing the real thing, whereas Rylan's having more of a bling experience..."

Rocking some sunglasses from the back of an engine-powered cruiser, Rylan counteracted his co-presenter's jab by claiming the modern playboy means of Venetian travel was what he was after.

He was then shown cowering from a seagull while confessing his assumptions about the Italian hotspot.

"I've literally got off a plane onto this boat at the airport... and now I'm in Venice," Rylan told the cameras. "I didn't know that was a thing. I thought there might be like a sly motorway or something, but there really ain't. Like, their canals are like their roads!"

Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour,12-05-2024,1 - Venice,Rylan, Rob Rinder,in Doge Palace, Venice.,Zinc Media,Lana Salah
The duo made sure to stop by the gothic Doge's Palace. (Zinc Media/Lana Salah)

Judging by the responses on social media, Rob and Rylan teaming up for this project is the best thing to happen in a long time.

"THIS IS SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO BE MORE THAN 3 EPISODES! Absolutely brilliant! Please please work together again. Can't wait for episode 2. Bravo bravo. Two gorgeous boys!" read one celebratory tweet.

"I would absolutely go on holiday with these two" and "not only an interesting program, with engaging uncomplicated explanation of the history and art, but a humbling friendship experience [sic]," were two more of this evening's reactions.

Rob and Rylan's Grand Tour airs on BBC Two.