Ryanair to introduce 'standing' flights for under $10

Irish budget airline Ryanair is planning to run the ultimate budget seats – with its newest airfares having no seats at all.

Just $AUS8.80 could buy passengers a ticket for the standing area, a section at the back of its fleet of 250 planes that is equipped with 'vertical seats', reports the UK’s Daily Telegraph.

Travellers would be strapped in by an over-the-shoulder seat belt while standing up.

Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary has told the UK’s ITV Network that the plan, which is targeted at various short haul flights, is an attempt to boost the number of passengers and reduce fares.

He also announced the airline’s intentions to introduce coin-operated toilets which would charge passengers $1.70 per go, encouraging travellers to use the facilities at the airport.

But the concept has copped criticism from the European Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), both raising doubts over whether they would pass Europe’s stringent safety tests.

"This idea is unprecedented and unlikely to be certified in the near future," a spokesman for Easa is quoted as saying.

Ryanair spokesperson Stephen McNamara said they are very confident that the seat will pass safety tests.

"Boeing can put a man on the moon so I am sure they are able to make these a success," Mr McNamara said.

Ryanair has conceded the plans for vertical seats are still in the "very early stages".

Safety testing on the seats will be carried out next year, but the plan will not happen for at least two years.