Ryan Gosling lines up zombie comedy movie

Ryan Gosling has been announced for a zombie comedy movie titled I Used to Eat Brains, Now I Eat Kale.

The Barbie and The Fall Guy actor isn't yet confirmed to be starring in the movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter, but he is on board as a producer. He'll work alongside Jessie Henderson through their recently-launched company General Admission, marling the first film in the production banner's deal with Amazon MGM Studios.

The plot isn't known at the current time, but the premise is set during a after an apocalypse as people who used to be zombies try and integrate back into society.

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The film has been written by twins Adam and Daniel Cooper, who had penned several short stories that have done the rounds on the festival circuits. It doesn't have a director attached at the moment.

Meanwhile, while that's all in the works, Gosling is working with Amazon MGM Studios on Project Hail Mary alongside the Spider-Verse trilogy's Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. The film follows Gosling as a schoolteacher and astronaut who finds himself alone on a space station after waking up from a coma with no memory of why.

He soon remembers that he's on a mission to reverse the start of a second Ice Age, and has to communicate with an alien who can only talk through musical tones in order to achieve said mission. That film is set for release sometimes in 2026.

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But he's not just looking forward, as the star has also been reflecting on his past massive projects. In fact, Gosling recently opened up about a moment from La La Land which still haunts him to this day.

Referring to the scene which became the film's poster, the actor recalled while speaking to the Wall Street Journal magazine: "We were supposed to have our hands up, and I thought it'd be cool to put my hand like [flat]. Even though everyone told me it wasn't cool, I was sure that [a flat hand] was cooler than [pointing up].

"Now when I look at it and I have to see it all the time, you know what would have been cooler than this? That. It just killed the energy that way."

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