Russia, China signal reluctance toward US-backed UN resolution on Gaza cease-fire plan

Russia and China have signaled reluctance toward the U.S.-backed United Nations resolution on the Gaza Strip cease-fire plan that President Biden unveiled last week.

Russia has suggested amendments to the U.S. version, urging both Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas to accept an unconditional and permanent cease-fire that would be adhered to by all sides, according to Reuters. Russia reportedly demanded that the draft of the resolution emphasize that the cease-fire, outlined in phase one, would stay even with negotiations being carried out for phase two, Reuters reported.

Alegria was also not yet on board, according to Reuters, citing diplomats. The resolution required nine votes. Russia and China have veto power as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

Biden detailed the three-part road map toward a cease-fire in Gaza last Friday. It was an Israeli-led proposal that was delivered to Hamas for review.

The U.S. sent around a one-page draft resolution to all of the Security Council’s members, according to Reuters. In it, they characterized the cease-fire proposal as “acceptable” to Israel and have called on Hamas to accept it, Reuters reported.

Some members of the council questioned if Israel has greenlighted the plan, according to Reuters. Instead, they want the body to back the cease-fire resolution passed in late March.

The proposal shared by Biden from the White House included a six-week cease-fire. Then, it calls for a withdrawal of Israel’s forces from Gaza’s populated areas and the release of remaining hostages taken from the Jewish state on Oct. 7 when Hamas’s attack on the country left 1,200 Israelis dead. It also has a pathway for Palestinian civilians to return to their homes and for reconstruction efforts of the enclave.

Over the course of the war, now in its eighth month, Israel has killed more than 36,000 people, according to Gaza health officials.

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