Rumer Willis reveals why motherhood has caused an 'interesting separation' from her mom Demi Moore

Rumer Willis is trying to carve her own path when it comes to motherhood credit:Bang Showbiz
Rumer Willis is trying to carve her own path when it comes to motherhood credit:Bang Showbiz

Rumer Willis is going through an "interesting separation" from her mom now that she is a mother herself.

The 35-year-old actress - who is the daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore - has 13-month old daughter Louette with Derek Richard Thomas and explained that she often doesn't take her mother's advice on parenting because the world is "so different now" to what it was back when she was born.

Rumer told E! News: "We're in such a different time, there's just so much more information. My mom will be like, 'You should do this with her,' and I'll say, 'Actually, based on what I've been reading, you don't do that anymore...'

"When you're in that transition from maiden to motherhood, and you have a really tight relationship with your mom, there's an interesting separation that occurs as you are discovering your own path as a mother."

The 'My Divorce Party' star is keen to "discover" things about motherhood independently but is aware that she will make some mistakes along the wau=

She said: "There are things I take from her that I love, but there's also stuff I want to discover myself. Inevitably we screw up our children in opposite ways, right?

"I think as parents you want to give your kids whatever you didn't have. But the beauty in what I'm learning is, she might not need what I didn't get, because she's her own person."

But the 'House Bunny' star - who has sisters Scout, 32, and 30-year-old Tallulah - is thankful that her parents allowed them to be "expressive" in their youth and didn't expect them to act a "certain way" just because they were growing up in Hollywood.

She said: "They really cultivated that in my sisters and allowed us the space to be expressive. That really is so important, because a lot of the time—especially when you're growing up as, like, a nepo baby - you have to act a certain way. I appreciate that we're left-of-center as a family."