Royal Caribbean nine-month world cruise passengers face fresh misery as ship departs Australia

A cyclone warning in the Gulf of Carpentaria has left Royal Caribbean passengers feeling worse for wear.

Passengers onboard Royal Caribbean's nine-month Ultimate World Cruise have had their fair share of drama since embarking on the epic journey across over 60 countries.

But the group of 1,500 tourists are facing fresh misery as they depart Australia following a week of festivities and make their way towards Indonesia. A tropical cyclone warning has been issued for the Gulf of Carpentaria for this weekend.

One passenger, Aussie comedian Christian Hull, shared images of him holding a sick bag while attempting to eat breakfast as the boat rocked in 3.6-metre swells.

“If there was one thing I could try to translate is the sheer swells of the ocean,” he shared on his Tiktok account. “I was really sick in Brisbane when the swells were 4 metres … it’s rough.”

A map of the Royal Caribbean ship's location shows its proximity to cyclone (left) while Christian Hull struggles with his breakfast, holding a sick bag (right).
Royal Caribbean passenger Christian Hull shared that the ship is making its way through a cyclone. Source: Tiktok

Sharing a map on his Tiktok, the ship, which is currently making its way through the Gulf of Carpentaria, above the Northern Territory, can be seen alarmingly close to the eye of the cyclone.

“Just to give you an idea of where the ship currently is,” he says, sharing his Google Maps, adding, “[The cyclone is] very close to us. But it’s okay, I think I’m going to be fine.”

In another clip, as Christian suffers from seasickness in bed, strong wind can be heard howling outside.

Christian joined the cruise as it hit Australian shores on March 11 after admitting he was “sucked right in” to the viral sensation — with many online likening happenings on the boat to a reality show. Christian reportedly took money out of his mortgage to cover the $20,000 ticket. He will be on board the ship for 16 days, travelling from Brisbane to Hong Kong.

Communities put on standby for Cyclone

Coastal communities near the Northern Territory and Queensland border have been put on standby for the weather event, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting the system to gradually move south.

It is then expected to weaken early next week but not before bringing severe rain and strong winds to the affected region. The Bureau said in a warning there were a number of risks associated with the upcoming cyclone including heavy rainfall and damaging winds.

Strong to damaging winds of up to 65km/h, as well as gusts of about 100km/h, are expected along the northeastern Arnhem coast east of Milingimbi while damaging wind gusts of up to 110km/h are forecast over Groote Eylandt during Saturday morning.

World Cruise has 'created community' on board

With the passengers having many days at sea while they travel between continents, fellow passenger Anastasia previously told Yahoo that she was surprised by the sense of community among passengers.

"What's really surprised me is how much a community has formed on board," she said. "Nobody on the boat really has anywhere to be on sea days... it's quite an adventure meeting people."

She said there is a mix of nationalities on the cruise with Aussies, Chinese, American and European passengers all forming bonds, regardless if they're retired, health care professionals or IT specialists.

The cruise will travel to more than 60 countries and 11 wonders of the world in 274 days.

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