When is Royal Ascot 2023, and how can you get tickets?

 ( Alan Crowhurst / Getty Images)
( Alan Crowhurst / Getty Images)

It is one of the highlights of the horse-racing calendar and fans are on a countdown.

The illustrious event that is Royal Ascot will take place next month and already there is talk over who will be wearing what, with many going for the fashion as much as the fillies.

Racegoers will watch world-class thoroughbreds romp home in the hope of eternal glory over four days of contests in the English countryside.

The site advertising the historic event urges people to “unbridle yourself from routine at Royal Ascot” labelling it as the place the “nation comes to play”.

Here’s everything you need to know about the event.

When is Royal Ascot 2023?

This year, the event is taking place at the historic grounds of the Berkshire racecourse from June 20 to June 24.

Gates will open at 10.30am and there are a number of enclosures, with different dress codes. On a typical day, racing will begin at 2.30pm and go on until the last race at 6.10pm.

The gates close at 8pm on every day except for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, when the party in the Village Enclosure continues until 9pm.

What enclosures are there?

These races are a favourite of the royals, with the late Queen Elizabeth often seen watching her horses race on the ground.

There is a Royal Enclosure, which is accessible by official invitation only. The origins of the Royal Enclosure can be traced back to 1807, when an area was reserved exclusively for family and invited guests of King George III to view the first running of the Gold Cup.

Next up is the next most prestigious area — the Queen Anne Enclosure — known as the “epicentre” of the day. This is where the best fashions can be seen, and the strictest of dress codes. This is also where you can get close to the race.

The Village Enclosure is open for the final three days of racing and is an area on the inside of the track that boasts a “festival atmosphere”, with live music until 9pm each day.

The final area is the Windsor Enclosure, which is more casual. People can bring picnics here, as it is dubbed a “less informal and more relaxed” way to attend Royal Ascot.

What is the dress code?

Each enclosure has a different dress code.

In the Royal Enclosure, women must wear formal daywear. Dresses must be knee length or longer and shoulder straps must have a minimum width of one inch. Men must wear “morning dress” which must be either black or grey, and must include a waistcoat and tie. They must wear a top hat, while black shoes must be worn with socks covering the ankle.

In the Queen Anne Enclosure, women are required to dress for a formal daytime occasion, and a hat, headpiece, or fascinator must be worn. They are also not allowed to wear strapless, off-the-shoulder, or sheer dresses, or have midriffs on show. Men are required to wear a full-length two- or three-piece suit with a tie, and jackets and trousers must be matching.

In the Village Enclosure, ladies are required to dress for a “formal daytime occasion”, and there is no minimum length on dresses or skirts. Men can wear suit jackets and chinos here.

There is no dress code for the Windsor Enclosure but it states online that “ladies and gentlemen are encouraged to dress in smart daywear”.

How do I get tickets?

Organisers say tickets are selling fast for the event and the Queen Anne Enclosure is already sold out for Thursday and Saturday race days.

Tickets start at £90 for the Queen Anne Enclosure on available days and from £49 for the Windsor Enclosure.

There are also hospitality packages that can be booked in each enclosure, including fine dining options, private box hire and group packages. Those wanting more information and prices are asked to contact the hospitality team here.