Ron DeSantis’s tongue is getting a lot of attention

The height of political conversation has shifted from focusing on Florida Gov Ron DeSantis’s hypothetical heels to his tongue after the presidential hopeful participated in the third GOP debate.

Social media users have been pointing out Mr DeSantis’s inability to keep his tongue in his mouth, posting clips showing the Florida Republican licking his lips in interviews and his tongue popping through a smile on the debate stage.

“WTF is going on with his snake tongue?” Meidas Touch editor-in-chief Ron Flipowski posted on X, alongside an interview of the governor on NBC News.

One user commented with a snake emoji, others posted gifs of snakes for comparison. “Lizard people are real,” another user commented.

Another X user posted a clip of Mr DeSantis on the debate stage: “When you’ve practiced the ‘human looking smile’ for weeks only to forget to tuck that damn tongue back in at the end.”

“Desantis assuring America that he is definitely, 100% human…” another wrote.

Another user remarked, “Someone told authoritarian android Ron DeSantis ‘show your tongue so people know you’re more real than an Epcot animatronic.’”

For better or for worse, the latest attention on Mr DeSantis’s tongue has taken the heat off of the Florida Republican’s feet, as many have speculated that he has been wearing heels to make him appear taller.

Seemingly everyone from Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson to 2024 rival Nikki Haley to Stephen Colbert has remarked on the Florida governor’s footwear.

Mr DeSantis has denied wearing heels and put his foot down on the issue in a Newsmax interview: “This is no time for foot fetishes. We’ve got serious problems as a country.”