Roman Kemp shares his despair after accidentally eating Creme Egg worth £10,000: ‘It tastes like regret’

Roman Kemp  (Roman Kemp)
Roman Kemp (Roman Kemp)

Roman Kemp shared his despair on social media after learning he had eaten a special Creme Egg worth £10,000.

The Capital Breakfast host, 30, excitedly tweeted Cadbury after discovering his treat was half white chocolate, half milk chocolate.

Sharing a photo of him holding the chocolate sweet, he penned: “What is this??? HALF WHITE HALF MILK CHOCOLATE??”

However, soon his delight turned to despair when he was left with egg on his face after his followers told him that the limited-edition creme egg could be worth £10,000.

As part of their Creme Egg hunt, the confectionary company has produced 146 half-white, half-milk chocolate Creme Eggs and hidden them in shops around the UK.

Six of the eggs in question are worth £10k, while a further three are worth £5k – with their prize revealed after being unwrapped via a “winning ticket” inside.

Unfortunately for Kemp, he told his followers he consumed the treat before learning of its potential value.

Sharing his predicament online, he penned: “I HAVE ALREADY EATEN IT AND PEOPLE ARE SAYING ITS WORTH 10K!?”

Followed soon after with “I HAVE EATEN IT. WHAT DO I DO NOW? HELPPPPPPPPP.”

In the midst of his despair, fans accused the broadcaster of pranking them to which he responded: “PEOPLE SAYING IT’S A PRANK OR THAT IVE TIPPEXED IT I F****** WISH”.

The One Show presenter then responded to another Twitter user that he “wishes” his tweets were part of an advertising campaign amid speculation.

When asked by one fan what it was like to eat £10,000, he replied: “THIS IS NOT FUNNY. IT TASTES LIKE REGRET.”

Kemp’s Crème Egg fiasco comes after his bike was stolen earlier this month.

Taking to Twitter on March 13, the star wrote: “Happy Monday to the person that has stolen my bike.”