Roman Kemp embarrassed by dad Martin Kemp on Saturday Kitchen

martin and roman kemp on saturday kitchen, wearing similar dark coloured shirts
Roman Kemp embarrassed by dad Martin KempBBC

Roman Kemp was embarrassed by his father Martin Kemp as the pair appeared on Saturday Kitchen.

The duo made a joint appearance on the BBC cooking show today (May 4), but Roman had an announcement to make before they put their culinary skills to the test, as he addressed a rather glaring observation about their outfits.

"Right, I’m going to start with the elephant in the room," he began. "I said this morning 'Dad, I'm going in today, I'm going to wear a nice dark navy blue shirt, it's going to have that little texture to it'.

martin and roman kemp on saturday kitchen, wearing similar dark coloured shirts

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"He says, 'yeah, alright, cool, see you later'. He turns up in the exact same [outfit]. That is something that has really done me over, so thank you very much for that," he continued as he showcased how similarly they were dressed.

Martin attempted to distract from the situation, but had the crew in stitches as he revealed that his memory wasn’t quite what it was, joking: "I'm losing it. I forgot Alexa's name the other day. You know when you go 'Alexa, what's the weather like today?' I was going 'Siri? Siri?' Anyways, I'm very well."

Roman, who is a presenter on The One Show, announced earlier this year that he would step down from his radio job at Capital FM, bringing an end to his eight year stint in the role.

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"The last eight and a half years of my life have just been so incredible being part of this machine," he said in a statement. "It's been the funniest, the saddest, the most outright wild time that I've had being a part of Capital and the Global family.

"When you set out to do a job of this magnitude, you never think that one day there will be a moment where you have to say goodbye. You don't think that that time will come. It's not a decision that has come overnight either, it's massive, I've not found it easy at all."

Saturday Kitchen airs on BBC One.

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