WATCH: Rogue squirrel lunges at cops called to remove it from home

Officers in the US have been left shaken by a rogue intruder that set upon them after finding their way into a family's cookie jar.

But Brockport Police Department weren't met with the usual culprit of a home invader after a callout to a New York address on Friday.

On this occasion, they were met with a much smaller trespasser in the shape of a ferocious and daring squirrel.

Police found the squirrel bouncing around the kitchen. Source: Brockport Police Department

The police were called to the address after reports the squirrel had been tucking into the family's cookie stash.

In a hilarious bodycam clip shared to their Facebook page, the officers can be seen arriving at the home before spotting the bushy-tailed rodent bouncing around the kitchen.

The energetic squirrel then charges at one officer, setting him off balance as it jumps on top of him.

The rogue rodent then set upon the frightened officers. Source: Brockport Police Department

According to their Facebook post, the squirrel was eventually caught and released without injury, to the relief of the homeowners.

Since the clip was shared online it has been viewed 219,000 times.

Police eventually managed to catch the intruder. Source: Brockport Police Department