Why this road rule is infuriating people online

A NSW bus road rule is infuriating people after video reminding drivers to follow it was shared online as part of Bus Safety Week. 

NSW Road Safety posted a video reminding people not to speed up and overtake buses on Facebook.

“Do you know when you must give way to a bus?” it wrote.

In the video, a blue car is seen speeding up to overtake a bus as it indicates to leave the stop. It’s an example of what drivers shouldn’t do.

In this example, a car speeds past a bus which is trying to get into the right lane. According to NSW road rules this is illegal as drivers have to give way to buses. Source: NSW Road Safety

Another example is shown with the blue car slowing down and allowing the bus to enter the right lane.

In NSW, failure to give way to a bus can result in a $337 fine.

While the give way rule for buses is commonly known, it doesn’t seem to be popular at least with people on Facebook who watched the video.

“Wouldn’t it be much safer and simpler for buses to give way until it’s safe to enter the traffic rather than have a whole line of traffic have to stop and possibly cause an accident?” one man wrote.

Others complained about bus drivers’ conduct. One man wrote a “majority of NSW bus drivers don’t follow this rule correctly”. 

Drivers are meant to stop or slow down to give way to buses in NSW. When shown this on Facebook, many viewers were left angry. Source: NSW Road Safety

“What law? The buses just pull out in front of you regardless,” one woman wrote.

Roads and Maritime Services has been contacted for comment. 

While the give way to buses road rule infuriated some, another rule had people confused earlier this week.

The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads posted a picture on their Facebook page of a car entering a roundabout, asking drivers how they should indicate if they are travelling straight ahead. 

Many were confused and angered by the answer. 

In January, Yahoo7 looked into a number of road rules Australian drivers might not know and could be breaking.

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