Road rager tumbles out of moving car while trying to slap another vehicle

A road-raging passenger got his comeuppance when he tried to slap another vehicle on the highway only to tumble onto the road when his door swung open.

Someone in a trailing vehicle recorded the duel between a silver sedan and a black 4WD on a highway in Saudi Arabia, with the smaller car clearly the aggressor.

The small car chases the bigger one in a motorway game of cat and mouse. Source: LiveLeak

In the game of motor vehicle car and mouse posted to LiveLeak on Sunday, the 4WD was clearly trying to get away from the sedan.

But every swerve from the larger car was met with a chase from the smaller one.

The passenger hung out the window, intimidating the other driver. Source: LiveLeak

The 4WD tried to pull away when the passenger in the sedan begun hanging from the window with his arm outstretched toward the other car.

With the man hanging from the window, the sedan swerved in front of the other car to slow it down.

Then his door popped open. Source: LiveLeak

Then the four-wheel drive driver made a dash, hitting the accelerator and breaking to the right up the highway past the sedan.

As the car went past, the sedan passenger thrust forward to try and catch it only to have his door swing open on him.

He fell out. Source: LiveLeak
And he went tumbling down the road. Source: 7 News

For a second he looked like he might hold on, but gravity got the better of him and he slipped from the vehicle and tumbled along the roadway barefoot.

He managed to get up and run back to his friends in the car but it seems his pride was more battered than his body.