Roger the ripped kangaroo is now an old man suffering arthritis

Krystal Johnson

Roger the ripped kangaroo has gained fans around the world for his muscular physique but unfortunately the viral sensation has appeared in a new video looking a little on the skinnier side and in failing health.

The red kangaroo's keeper said the former powerhouse is now battling arthritis and suffering vision loss due to old age.

Roger rose to stardom and put most men to shame when he was photographed eyeballing a camera while crushing a metal bucket with his bare paws.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs uploaded a video to their Facebook page of Roger and worker Chris 'Brolga' Barnes, explaining why the marsupial was looking withered, a far cry from the roo that once chased the sanctuary keeper out of his home.

The giant red kangaroo stands at a height of 6 foot 7 and weighed in at 90kg in his prime. Photo: The Kangaroo Sanctuary

"He was well-known all over the world as the big, muscly, strong kangaroo," Brolga said.

"I would never have been able to pat Roger like I am now, but he is getting old.

"(We) had the vet out and are treating him for arthritis and sort of noticed his eye sight is starting to go a little bit."

Roger the red kangaroo is suffering arthritis and is not longer as muscly as he once was. Photo: Facebook

Brolga hand raised Roger after he found him in the pouch of his dead mother.

The sanctuary worker said Roger is an "old man" and that he would be keeping a "close eye" on the red kangaroo.

"He is 11-years of age, Kangaroos have an average age of about 12," Brolga said. "He is an old man now.

Looking down at Roger, Brolga said: "And although he is still big and strong, he is an old man and old man don't fight.

This photo of Roger crushing a metal bucket went viral last year. Photo: The Kangaroo Sanctuary

"He is my best mate, he is my son. I love him so much."

In its prime, Roger stood at a height of 6 foot 7 and weighed in at 90kg.

Roger’s photos have attracted tens of thousands of likes and comments and the massive roo has even featured on Brolga's documentary show, Kangaroo Dundee.