‘RIP to a Canadian broadcasting legend’: Sports fans, journalists, athletes mourn the loss of TSN anchor Darren Dutchyshen

Darren Dutchyshen death: From a "terrific interviewer" to "someone who brought out the best in people around him," tributes pour in for TSN broadcaster

Canadians were left flabbergasted to learn of the passing of legendary sports commentator Darren Dutchyshen Thursday morning resulting in scores of people joining in tributes by sharing their favourite memories of the celebrated broadcaster.

From his ‘hilarious weird Pierre McGuire clip’ to his stories of learning to carve a turkey for the first time with his grandfather, Dutchyshen left the viewers in the happiest of moods whenever he appeared on the screen.

In a clip from one of his broadcasts, snippets of which are currently being widely shared online by his fans to mark his ‘legendary’ work, Dutchyshen can be seen alongside another sportscaster, Pierre McGuire, with both men standing “weirdly” close to each other and having a banter while on camera that left viewers in fits.

“Hilarious, honestly what a clip, Pierre being weird, Matt Cooke for Matt Pettinger, Tradecenter 08. Rip Dutch,” a user commented on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Unpopular opinion, but Pierre is hilarious. Also, Dutch was a staple growing up. I hope he's at peace now,” said another.

The famous ‘how to carve a turkey on Thanksgiving’ story

Another clip of Dutchyshen from the vault going viral reveals him sharing a story on camera about the first time he was handed the knife to carve a turkey by his grandfather.

“Now have you ever carved a turkey before?” Dutchyshen said on the SportsCentre broadcast before revealing the Plays of the Week segment.

“The thing is, you really do feel like a man,” he continued.

“The first time got a chance to carve my grandpa gave me the knife when I was 12-years-old and I said ‘How do you do it?’ He said "just be gentle with it, like you are with a woman.”

“I said I have never been with a woman, Gramps!”

“He said give me the knife, son!”

He’s got hands like a surgeon and 12 kids,” Dutchyshen concluded his joke with laughter in the background.

The comments section was filled with his fans reliving his best moments from back in the day while sharing their tributes for the renowned Canadian anchor.

“That made me laugh 😂 Rest well Mr. Dutchyshen,” posted an X user.

Canadian Football League Commissioner Randy Ambrosie shared a heartfelt message for the late broadcaster on X, calling him a “terrific interviewer” who will always be remembered for his love of the league and sports up north.

“Darren Dutchyshen was one-of-a-kind in the broadcasting world. He spoke about our league with such passion and pride. He was a terrific interviewer – so professional and knowledgeable, but always incredibly friendly with a joke or two at the ready. When he came back on the air, every CFL fan cheered. We’ll always remember his love for the CFL, his wonderful heart and that booming laugh. Thank you, Dutchy. Our deepest condolences to all his family and friends,” Ambrosie posted.

Fellow journalists including Pat Kiernan, Rod Smith and Sportscentre anchor Jennifer Hedger shared moments that showcased the Canadian broadcaster's memorable personality and talent.

Canadian hockey Hall of Famer Chris Pronger also honoured the broadcasting gem, calling him a 'legend'.

Born in Regina and raised in Porcupine Plain, Sask., Dutchyshen was part of the network's CFL broadcasts, and also hosted Olympic Prime Time on TSN during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games and London 2012 Summer Games.

Across the sporting spectrum the mood is of mourning as Dutchyshen’s broadcasting colleagues along with people from different games and teams come together to share their best times with the commentator, whose passing was announced by TSN on Thursday.

TSN Hockey Analyst Frank Corrado shared with the Leafs Morning Take how Dutchy was able to bring out the best in people around him while being the leading force at work with his sharp focus on the subject when in front of the camera.

“Dutchy was really able to bring out the best in a lot of people & his energy was really infectious.." Corrado told show hosts Nick Alberga and Jay Rosehill.

Dutchyshen died Wednesday at age 57 with the cause of death not provided, but his family said in a statement he was "surrounded by his closest loved ones."

"His sharp wit remained until his final moments, classically delivering plenty of jokes — most of them pretty good and all of them inappropriate," his family said.

Dutchyshen revealed he had prostate cancer on Sept. 9, 2021, and spent a year away from TSN while receiving treatment.

He began his TSN career in 1995 and became a mainstay on the network's flagship SportsDesk and SportsCentre news programs over the next three decades.