Ring announces a wearable for your lost pets that's just a QR code

Maybe you should microchip your furry friends instead.


Amazon’s Ring is mostly known for doorbell cams and consumer-grade surveillance tech, but the company’s moving past humans and onto our beloved furry friends. It just announced the Ring Pet Tag to help find lost pets, as the tag attaches to a collar and allows access to a bevy of digital information about the animal, should it wander away from the yard.

Here’s how it works. If you happen upon a lost pet wearing the Ring Pet Tag, flip the tag backwards and scan the QR code to find out who owns the animal, where they live, their phone number and relevant health information, such as required medications and the like. You can even contact the owner through the app and engage in a two-way conversation. Of course, all of this involves coaxing a scared dog or cat into allowing you access to that QR code, which could be problematic.

Though the tech on display is interesting, it’s worth noting what the device doesn’t feature. There’s no GPS, so no way to geolocate a lost pet. The tag also lacks a camera, which is a common feature for some pet accessories. It’s basically a QR code on a tag that provides the same kind of information that could simply be written onto a collar, though most collars don’t boast enough room to detail medication requirements and other unique data points. So it’s useful from a “all of your information in one place” standpoint.

The price, however, is right. The Ring Pet Tag costs just $10, which isn’t that much more than a standard analog tag with no scannable QR code to speak of. Preorders start today via Amazon and Ring, with shipments starting on October 4th.