Rihanna channels Britney Spears' iconic look from Oops!...I Did It Again music video in stunning photoshoot

Britney Spears and Rihanna (Vevo / Instagram/Rihanna)
Britney Spears and Rihanna (Vevo / Instagram/Rihanna)

Rihanna has shown off a stunning new look that was reminiscent of one of Britney Spears' most iconic styles.

The Fenty founder, 36, modelled a string of designer looks including a black Mugler leather coat from the brand’s pre-fall 2024 collection, a Dries van Noten skirt and jacket combo and a Balenciaga bustier with Mark Gong baggy jeans and a leather blazer.

But it was the singer's striking red polo-neck dress that got everyone's attention. The outfit featured a shiny top and a maxi skirt made of drapes of red fabric with a daring thigh-high slit.

She paired the look with long leather gloves and matching high heels.

Rihanna's high-fashion take on Spears' iconic catsuit (instagram)
Rihanna's high-fashion take on Spears' iconic catsuit (instagram)

Fashionistas and fans were quick to point out that the star, who also donned a blonde wig, was showing off her version of Spears' early 2000s red Latex catsuit from her Oops!… I Did It Again music video.

The seeming nod to Spears’ now legendary ensemble for the hit track’s video took the look to a high fashion level.

It was described by one of British Vogue's fashion editors, Alex Kessler, as Rihanna's "haute couture" take "which makes it "front-row-worthy for Paris Fashion Week".

Rihanna showcased this during a recent visit to Shanghai, China where she was promoting her brand Fenty Beauty.

The star, who hasn't put out a new album in six years as she focuses on her make-up and lingerie brands, shared the images on her Instagram page.

Spears spoke about her red latex outfit as she commemorated the track's 20th anniversary in 2020.

“I remember that red suit was so freaking hot,” she wrote on Instagram.  “But the dance was fun and it made the shoot fly by!!!!!”

Oops!… I Did It Again was released on March 27, 2000. It was the lead single for the then 18-year-old's sophomore album of the same name.

"’I want to be in a red jumpsuit. I want to have a really cute spaceman, but there can't be any rockets", the video director Nigel Dick recalled Spears telling him, while speaking with MTV in 2009.

He added: “There was another catsuit, actually, which was fantastic, which I loved, and the night before, I was told that Britney hired this guy that worked with Michael Jackson.

“And so we're going to use that catsuit. So that’s the catsuit.”

Rihanna is just the latest star to seemingly pay homage to Spears’ red catsuit.

Actor Kevin Bacon also rocked the outfit for an Apple Music commercial as well as reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian at Halloween.