The One Show viewers think Richard Madeley just gave away his entire book plot

The TV presenter-turned-author gave a very detailed rundown of his new crime thriller.

Richard Madeley gave a lot of details on his new novel. (BBC screengrab)
Richard Madeley gave a lot of details on his new novel. (BBC screengrab)

Richard Madeley appeared to give away the entire plot to his new crime thriller in a rambling TV interview that left viewers stunned at the number of twists he revealed.

The broadcaster and author was a guest on Friday's One Show to promote his book, but those watching him wondered whether they needed to buy his latest book at all as he seemed to give away so many spoilers.

Also appearing on the episode was Becky Hill, who told how her fiance had inspired her new single Outside of Love.

Madeley is known for his TV gaffes, but this time The One Show viewers were left wondering whether his most recent interview had backfired on himself as he appeared to give away the entire plot to his new novel.

Good Morning Britain presenter Madeley was in the studio to talk about his crime thriller Father's Day, but after being asked just one question about where the plot inspiration had come from, he launched into a monologue that took up the rest of his interview - and seemed to include some pretty substantial spoilers.

Richard Madeley appeared alongside Becky Hill and Tom Kerridge. (BBC screengrab)
Richard Madeley appeared alongside Becky Hill and Tom Kerridge. (BBC screengrab)

Madeley told how the murder mystery centred on internet trolling, telling hosts Alex Jones and Roman Kemp: "Internet trolls are the curse of the modern age... I think they're wicked. There are levels of wickedness, but some of them are seriously bad people. I was thinking of writing a revenge novel and I thought ok, I'll write this for everyone who's up to there with internet trolls."

However, he went on to detail who was murdered, where the body was found, how the victim was killed ("murdered in the style of the Roman imperial age"), who had done it and why, adding of his novel: "It's very graphic and it's horrible."

At one point, host Jones commented that Madeley was getting through all of their questions before they could ask them as he insisted: "This will only take 30 seconds and it's not a plot spoiler, I promise."

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 08: Richard Madeley attends the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards at The Royal Festival Hall on May 08, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)
Richard Madeley's crime thriller is about internet trolls. (Getty Images)

But viewers disagreed, as one commented on X: "Is it me or has Richard Madeley pretty much given the whole story away?" and someone else added: "Has Richard Madeley just given away literally the WHOLE plot of his book?! Stop talking! Stop!"

Another viewer wrote: "Make Richard Madeley stop telling me the entire plot of his book," while someone else commented: "Richard Madeley has just told us the plot and conclusion of his new book. No need to read it now, thankfully."

One person added: "richard madeley wrecking his book sales by just telling the whole plot on the one show." "Richard Madeley going on the One Show and just telling the viewers the entire plot to his book is sending me (crying emoji)," wrote someone else.

At the end of his explanation, Jones joked: "I can see a Richard & Judy Book Club sticker on that!" But Madeley replied: "No, that would be corrupt, we couldn't do that."

The episode managed to fit in a number of other famous guests around Madeley's lengthy book chat, including Tom Kerridge talking about seasonal British produce and H from Steps revealing his artistic talents with Welsh landscape paintings.

Singer Becky Hill performed her latest single Outside of Love and told how it had been inspired by tricky times with her fiance Charlie Gardner.

The song's lyrics include the words "You've come to the point where you don't love me no more," and Hill explained: "Everyone goes through those periods in their relationship where they feel quite distant from their partner.

"I have written as many songs as I can out of my fiance, good and bad. We don't talk about this one too much."

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