RFK Jr. super PAC says it plans to spend ‘at least’ $10M on ads

A super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential bid said it plans to spend “at least” $10 million on ads leading up to the November election.

American Values 2024, which is led by co-founder Tony Lyons, will use the ads to clarify Kennedy’s positions and record ahead of the general election.

“We probably wind up spending $10 million,” Lyons said Thursday in an interview with The Hill. “That would be the least we would spend.”

The super PAC is going to be releasing a series of infomercials that will range in length to “clarify what Bobby Kennedy’s record really is, what his views really are.”

The infomercials will be 30 seconds to one minute, two minutes and three minutes long. The outside group plans to release a 30-minute-long infomercial later.

“I believe the American public, if they recognize what he’s done and when they learn who he really is, will be grateful and will really believe that he’s exactly the kind of president that we need at this time,” Lyons said.

Lyons said they would be open to spending up to $20 million, “but it depends on how much we raise.”

The outside group said Monday that it would stop collecting signatures on Kennedy’s behalf for ballot access. They said they’ve collected enough signatures to have Kennedy on the ballot in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and South Carolina.

“Given the campaign’s success, we are no longer collecting signatures in any additional states, and will continue to fight the [Democratic National Committee] or [Republican National Committee] when they try to interfere with the constitutional rights of American voters who overwhelmingly want independent candidates on the ballot,” Lyons said Monday in a post on social media.

The Kennedy campaign said they’ve garnered enough signatures to be on the ballot in Utah, New Hampshire, Nevada and Hawaii. The campaign also started the signature-collecting process in Texas.

American Values 2024 spent $1.4 million in January and has more than $23 million in cash on hand, according to the latest Federal Election Commission filings from February.

“So part of our job is going to be to explain to the American public that actually, Bobby Kennedy is the person who they need to fight for them because the people in Washington now are not fighting for that,” Lyons said.

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