Shocked mum feeds child maggot-filled Woolworths BBQ chicken

A NSW mother fed her son a piece of Woolworths BBQ chicken when she was shocked to see something crawling around inside it.

Rejane Ga Silva purchased the chicken from Revesby Woolworths, south-west of Sydney, on Saturday and claims she was horrified to discover what looks like maggots crawling around inside of it.

"It was absolutely disgusting," she told 7 News Online.

Ms Ga Silva had purchased the chicken for her children, 15-year-old step-son Paolo and seven-year-old Sophia, as they were hungry and she likes the ease of purchasing a whole chicken.

"We often buy the Woolworths BBQ chicken - basically once a week," she said.

"It makes things easier like if we're busy with work - we've never had a problem but I don't know if I'll buy it again now."

The mother saw

Ms Ga Silva said she was tearing the chicken up when her son took a piece and ate it.

It was then that she noticed things crawling around inside of it and described them as "worms".

"I don't know if he is going to get sick now," she said.

"I have to take him to hospital or the doctors now and see if he will have a reaction."

Ms Ga Silva claims to have purchased the chicken from Woolworths. Source: Supplied

Ms Ga Silva took the chicken back to the store to get a refund.

"I saw some things moving inside and I was just disgusted, I don't know how else to describe it," she said.

Ms Ga Silva claims there were several

Woolworths has been contacted for comment.