Revealed: Where to find Australian jobs

Adam Marshall for 7NEWS Investigations

Despite the Qantas announcement of major job cuts, there is a glimmer of hope, with more than 15,000 jobs on offer at some of Australia's biggest companies.

Up to 5,000 Qantas workers will soon join more than 700,000 Australians in the unemployment queue.

Our national carrier is the latest major company to announce thousands of job losses, and unemployment in Australia is at a 10-year high.

Manufacturing is in decline, as is agriculture, sales and clerical work.

But there are major companies hiring now in 2014.

Coles will put on more than 4,000 new employees this year – 1,000 in Queensland, another 1,000 in New South Wales and more than 1,200 in Victoria.

“These jobs go right across the board from stackers of our shelves, to checkout personnel, to transport and logistics, right through to senior managerial roles,” Robert Hadler from Coles said.

K-mart is looking to employ more than 700 staff in Queensland, and Victoria has six new stores open.

Another 3,500 people will be needed as sub-contractors – 2000 in Queensland, more than 1,100 in New South Wales and 400 in Victoria.

At Bunnings, 2,500 jobs will be rolled out, with almost half in Queensland.

“Everything from people working on the shop floor, behind the paying counter, store management or team leaders right throughout the business,” Peter Davis from Bunnings said.

Domino's is hiring up to 5,000 new staff. New South Wales will have more than 2,000 positions Victoria will have 1,500 and Queensland 1,200.

“I'd say that's even conservative, and that's because we're opening 15 new stores, we're growing the business, even existing stores,” CEO of Domino’s Don Meij said.

“The economy's actually turning up, we should be expecting greater jobs growth in 2014 than we had in 2013,” Michael Pascoe said.

What lies beyond this will depend on how well the Australian workforce adapts to emerging industries.

“There's a massive and inevitable restructuring of the Australian economy happening – technology is doing it to us, demographics are doing it to us, competition is doing it to us,” he said.

The industries that will be in high demand in the years to come are health (particularly aged care) education, information technology and communications.

As for manufacturing, it's not dead – yet.

“We have a capacity to develop other areas of manufacturing, for example, in the renewable energy sector,” Employment Forecaster Chandra Shah, said.

7News can now reveal where the jobs are and how you can apply.