REVEALED: Pictures of vicious road rage fight that literally stops traffic

Seven News has obtained pictures of a vicious fight at a Perth intersection notorious for trouble.

Just after 8.30am on Wednesday morning, two men came to blows on Armadale Road in Forrestdale.

Traffic was held up as they fought each other, the stoush only ending when they wrestled each other into a stalemate.

Traffic was held up as two men fought. Source: 7 News

The road rage incident boiled over when traffic was at its morning peak.

Local residents said there have been numerous crashes and other problems at the intersection of Armadale Road and Nicholson Road for years.

It is unknown if either man was injured seriously and neither have been identified.

Neither man has been identified. Source: 7 News

Road rage attacks are becoming increasingly common in Perth - and worldwide.

In Booragoon last year, a driver was trapped inside and barely able to fight back during a road rage boilover.

Last year in Booragoon a man repeatedly punched a driver through an open window. Source: 7 News
In Los Angeles a motorbike rider kicked a car door, setting off a chain of accidents. Source: 7 News

In Los Angeles a month ago, a motorbike rider kicked a car door, starting a chain of events that ended in a truck rolling over.

Police have not taken any action over Wednesday morning's incident.