Reuben Owen and girlfriend Sarah have farm tiff

The young farmer's ex-girlfriend Sarah Dow scolded him for trying to mess with her paint work.

Reuben Owen and Sarah Dow and Tommy on Our Life in the Dales
Reuben Owen and Sarah Dow had a lovers tiff over restoring a vintage plough. (Channel 5)

Reuben Owen and ex- girlfriend Sarah Dow had a lover's tiff after he tried to interfere with her work in the latest instalment of Reuben: Life in the Dales.

The Our Yorkshire Farm star — son of Yorkshire Shepherdess mum Amanda Owen and farmer Clive Owen — now has his own Channel 5 series and his own farm machinery business. In the latest episode of the show Reuben, 20, revealed plans to sell one of his beloved tractors. The young farmer — who recently announced his split from girlfriend Dow — enlisted Dow's help to restore the vintage plough that went with the tractor to help it sell at auction.

But the pair appeared came to blows as she scolded him for trying to interfere with her hard work.

Reuben Owen: My Yorkshire Life S1 ep5 Sarah Dow painting old equipment
Sarah Dow worked all day painting Reuben's plough. (Channel 5)

Reuben admitted he was a bit upset after deciding to sell one of his vintage tractors. He said: "I do really like this tractor, I'm quite sad I'm getting rid of it." He revealed the tractor needed at least £1k spending on full restoration. But he said "As a business it would be daft to spend a fortune on this."

While Reuben and friend Tommy checked the tractor actually worked, he asked Dow to paint its rusty plough to help it fetch the best price auction. As she worked Dow said: "Reuben's finally decided to part ways with one of his vintage tractors and he's convinced it's to free up space. But I know Reuben and I know it's to buy another vintage tractor." But she added: "There's definitely worse things to be interested in. It makes him happy, so it's nice."

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After checking the tractor did work, Reuben and Tommy came to inspect Dow's paint job. Reuben teased: "I think it just needs a few finishing touches." As he picked up a paintbrush Dow scolded: "No! Put that down, you go outside and let me do it before you ruin everything."

As Reuben backed his trailer into the barn Dow warned him: "That was a little bit too close to my plough for my liking. I've spent all day on this plough and you nearly hit it with your trailer." Reuben stroked her back as he told her: "You've done an amazing job. Well done, you did an absolutely brilliant job." And he seemed caring and concerned about how she would clean the thick layers of dried grey paint off her hands.

Later at the auction, looking at other vintage ploughs on sale Reuben said: "Those are not as good, as they've not had a Sarah paint job."

Reuben Owen: My Yorkshire Life S1 ep5 Reuben Owen driving small tractor off flatbed
Reuben took his younger brothers to a farm auction. (Channel 5)

Reuben was accompanied to the farm auction by his brothers, 11-year-old Sid and 17-year-old Miles. Sid revealed he was excited to be going to the event. He said: "It's better than school." Reuben asked his younger brother what he plans to do when he finished school. Sid said: "I'll probably help Dad on the farm, or I might do a bit for you."

Reuben is one of nine children, including Raven, 22, a university graduate with a degree in biomedicine teenagers Miles, Edith and Violet, Sid and youngest sisters Anna, Clemmy, and Nancy.

The Yorkshire family rose to fame in 2011, after their 2,000-acre working farm featured in The Dales with Adrian Edmondson. They have since made guest appearances on This Morning, and have starred in their own Channel 5 reality show Our Yorkshire Farm from 2018 to 2021. Since his parents announced their separation in 2022 and Amanda stepped away from the show, Reuben has become a star in his own right. He began on spin-off series Beyond The Yorkshire Farm: Reuben & Clive and now has his own show, featuring his friend Tommy and ex-girlfriend Sarah Dow.

Reuben: Life in the Dales airs on Channel 5 at 8pm on Thursdays.