Restrictions on consular services for Ukrainians in Germany will not affect their refugee status

A Ukrainian passport
A Ukrainian passport

Kyiv’s decision to limit consular services for Ukrainian men will not affect their refugee status in Germany, Germany’s Interior Ministry spokesperson Maximilian Kall told Deutsche Welle on April 24.

"I am confident that this will not impact the refugee status of Ukrainians in need of protection, be they women, who are the majority of [Ukrainian] refugees, or men," said Kall.

German officials declined to comment on the restrictions announced by Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry.

"This is Ukraine’s sovereign decision, which I cannot comment on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office," German Foreign Office representative Christian Wagner said.

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On April 23, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba confirmed military-age male Ukrainian citizens abroad will no longer be able to obtain or renew passports and travel documents abroad, unless they intend to return to Ukraine. The move is aimed at broadening the pool of potential military recruits, given Kyiv’s urgent need for additional manpower.

On April 24, Ukraine’s parliamentary National Security and Intelligence Committee announced it intends to summon Foreign Ministry officials to explain the legal basis for these restrictions.

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