Canberra restaurant's sweet note after pregnant woman's delivery request

When Dee White placed an order at an Italian restaurant all she wanted was to satisfy her cravings.

She had asked Belluci's restaurant in the Canberra suburb of Woden to include a little extra apple sauce with her pork belly dinner, however when the chef received her request, they decided to go above and beyond for the expectant mother.

After tucking her two children into bed on Thursday, Ms White made the order through UberEats, ready to put her feet up after several difficult weeks.

When her order arrived, she found that not only had she received her extra sauce, she was also given "a bit extra of everything", along with a handwritten note.

Pictured is the food and the note she received.
Dee White placed an order with Belluci's in Canberra to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. The restaurant went above and beyond to help. Source: Dee White

"Gave you an extra piece of pork belly," the note read. "Good luck with the cravings. Love Belluci's."

It made her laugh, cry and write a Facebook post to highlight the sweet gesture.

"Yes it’s just food, but it’s the principle — showing kindness really can change how someone’s feeling. And tonight I’m going to bed with satisfied cravings and a full heart," she wrote on Facebook.

Restaurant tries to 'do what they can' for community

Andre, the restaurant's manager, told Yahoo News Australia he really appreciated Ms White's "wholesome" post.

He remembers the order coming through and seeing a note explaining she was having cravings.

"We always try and do what we can to help out the community," he said.

He said working in hospitality is a way for him to connect with people, which is why he enjoys his job and feedback like Ms White's keeps him motivated.

While the hospitality industry has changed drastically over the past few years, Andre said it still doesn't take much to do what you can to make people's day.

The pork belly was a turning point for Dee and her sweet Facebook post was really appreciated by Bellucis Woden's manager, Andre. Source: Facebook/Google Maps
The pork belly was a turning point for Dee and her sweet Facebook post was really appreciated by Belluci's manager, Andre. Source: Facebook/Google Maps

Pork belly was the 'turning point'

When Yahoo News Australia spoke to Ms White on Friday, she was just finishing up an appointment where she got some incredible news.

With the order from Belluci's making her night and getting the "all clear" with the baby on Friday, Ms White – who is 20 weeks pregnant – said she's on top of the world.

"Things were not looking like they would turn out for the best, but they have and the turning point was the pork belly," she laughed.

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