Restaurant in Japan offers lifetime ramen pass for $2000


Uramusashiya, a ramen restaurant chain in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, is offering lifetime passes for 300,000 yen ($1,995).

About the passes: The pass grants customers a free bowl of noodles on every visit to Uramusashiya restaurants. It even covers more expensive menu items like the eateries' 1,350-yen ($9) chashu ramen. In addition to ramen, the lifetime pass also allows for side orders of rice, which ordinarily cost 100 yen ($0.67).

The ramen restaurant also allows multiple visits on the same day, allowing for the pass to theoretically cover all meal expenses for life, except on Tuesdays when the restaurant is closed. According to Japan Today, the passes were quickly sold out within two days, primarily to regular customers.

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About Uramusashiya: Uramusashiya has branches in Chiba City near Nishi Chiba Station and Soga Station. The restaurant is known for its rich soy sauce and chicken stock broth.

This isn't the first time Uramusashi has offered such passes. They previously sold 100,000-yen (approximately $665) unlimited ramen passes to students.


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